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White Fillings
White Fillings

White Fillings Turkey

White fillings also called invisible, dental, or composite fillings, are a standard dental procedure for treating chips, cracks, or cavities. White fillings can restore your teeth and preserve your white smile.

Many people have had dental fillings Turkey at some point in their life but opt against the traditional silver filling because it gives a less natural result, making them feel self-conscious about their smile. However, a white filling is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What are white fillings?

Tooth coloured or white filling is made from reins and dental composite. The white colour of the filling gives it its name, but the composite material has different shades. The dentist will help you choose a composite material that matches the natural colour of your teeth to give the best result.

Unlike the traditional silver amalgam fillings, the white filing gives a natural and healthier look and is a safer option for repairing damage and improving your appearance. White filling is suitable for both the back and front teeth.

Why is tooth filling necessary?

Anyone can get a tooth filling to restore the tooth. If you experience a persistent toothache, sudden pain when biting, sensitivity to cold and hot, or have a damaged tooth; the dentist may recommend a white filling.

White fillings can:

  • Fix broken or chipped tooth
  • Repair tooth decay or fill a cavity
  • Close small gaps between the teeth
  • Replace a silver or metal amalgam filling
  • Reshape uneven tooth

Advantages of white fillings

Many people opt for white fillings for different reasons, including the following.

  • Placing white fillings requires less filling, meaning you can retain the natural healthy tooth structure, unlike other types of fillings such as amalgam and metallic filing
  • White filling gives a more natural and aesthetically-pleasing look because it matches the natural tooth colour and blends seamlessly with the teeth
  • White filling hardens within a few seconds, unlike other materials that take a few days to harden
  • White filling bonds with the tooth to make the decayed or damaged tooth stronger and prevent breaks
  • This filling doesn't contain metal. Studies show that the mercury in amalgam filling has certain health risks
  • White fillings can replace old amalgam filling, and you can easily repair a damaged white filling
  • The filling doesn't expand or contract due to temperature changes, and it protects the tooth from sensitivity and fracture
  • White fillings are versatile and can fix dental issues, including cracks, severely worn-down teeth, and chips.

Procedure for white fillings

You can get white fillings in one dental visit. The procedure involves the following.

Tooth preparation

If the affected tooth has an extensive cavity, the dentist may need to administer local anaesthesia to numb the tooth.

Removing decayed tissue

Your dentist will remove the decayed tissue and try to preserve the natural tooth. If you have an old silver or metallic filling, the dentist can replace it.

Cleaning the cavity

After removing the damaged part of your tooth, the dentist will clean and disinfect the cavity.

Applying the bonding material

The dentist will apply bonding material to the cavity to hold the white filling.

Placing the filling material

The dentist will place composite material that matches the natural tooth colour on the affected tooth to make the tooth aesthetically pleasing and more functional.


If gaps are present between your teeth, the dentist will apply the white filling. However, if the tooth is decayed or close the tooth nerve, the dentist will provide the proper medication to protect the tooth.

Shaping the filling

After filling the cavity, your dentist will sculpt and polish the tooth surface to feel and look like your natural teeth. The process will also restore your normal bite. You will have a bite test with carbon paper to confirm if your teeth fit correctly.

After the filling procedure, you can use the treated tooth like your natural teeth. Eating and drinking shouldn't cause any discomfort.

The duration for placing white filling varies for every patient but is mostly completed within one hour. Getting a white filling is a quick and affordable treatment compared to other smile restoration procedures like porcelain veneers.

You can get your tooth filling in Turkey at Smile Works Turkey. Visit our clinic today or call 020 7183 8026 to get white fillings to restore your damaged or discoloured tooth.

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