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Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Turkey

Taking out a tooth is not something dentists rush into. As much as possible, they make an attempt to keep what's remaining of a broken or damaged tooth. This practice is even recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The conditions for a tooth extraction include:

  • There is a cavity and severe tooth damage caused by tooth decay
  • When the gum is infected and presents symptoms of dental diseases like caries and periodontitis
  • There is a broken tooth not fit to be preserved
  • When the dentist considers dental restorations, including dentures, crowns or bridges as better and healthy for your mouth
  • When a patient decides they need this treatment

People with some form of tooth damage, be it a chip, infection or decay, may go through pain symptoms that range from benign to malignant.

Tooth extraction may be ordered as a result of an unending toothache. Again, when there are serious issues with an otherwise healthy wisdom tooth, an extraction to take out the tooth may be required.

Dental treatment for emergencies and tooth extraction

Round-the-clock dental service is available for patients who have dental emergencies, including tooth extraction in Turkey. But as much as possible, dentists will do what they can to keep your natural tooth structures by using treatments like root canal therapy, where the existing infection is removed from the tooth, and it is restored.

If after restoring the tooth, the infection is still present, then tooth extraction will come in handy. This will prevent any infection that may happen later on that can cause loss of bone.

Ways of restoring an extracted tooth

If your tooth has been extracted due to any of the conditions previously discussed, there are many methods of replacing it, including:

  • The use of a dental bridge attached to crowns on both or one side of the lost tooth
  • Dentures which can be partial, full or temporary and in the form of acrylic or flexible options
  • Implants that hold restorations like dentures, bridges or crowns in place
  • Orthodontic treatment for correcting malocclusions
  • More than one cosmetic dentistry treatment options

While it is possible to allow the gap from a missing tooth to remain, it is not a recommendation. The reason is that the gap can make the tooth bone and structure recede and make the bite and appearance unhealthy and unpleasant. For some patients, right after extraction, they choose both dental and cosmetic dentistry treatments to cover up the gap.

How is a tooth extracted?

According to the needs of dental patients, we provide care using any one of the several treatment options available. When it comes to cosmetic and dental care, our up-to-date technology and methods come in handy. With this, the patient is able to see improvement in their dental capabilities and smile.

Again, at Smile Works Turkey, we use a 3D imaging system to show patients what they look like prior to and after treatment. Thanks to our high-end modern tech, which aids our dental restoration works, including surgery and implants. Non-traumatic forceps can be utilised for comfortable, quick and precise tooth removal, and it also ensures patients recover fast, and complications are on the low.

Begin your tooth extraction Turkey consultation today at our clinic. Feel free to schedule your appointment now by calling 020 7183 8026 for your new tooth extraction.

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