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Teeth in a Day
Teeth in a Day

Smile in a day Turkey

Fulfil your dream of perfect smile in a day

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Made from titanium, the bio-compatible body and abutment are completely safe. While the ‘root’ fits into the jaw, the abutment connects the artificial tooth to the ‘root’. Dentists carry out this procedure initially, by administering local anaesthesia. The time needed for the procedure depends on the number of implants.

The key reasons international patients enquire about Smile in a day with us is because they have limited time to stay abroad for medical purposes. Fortunately, patients can seek dental implants in a day with us. Smile in a day in Turkey that has a high success rate.

Dental implant is the most efficient way to replace missing or extracted teeth

The replaced tooth will attach to the jaw permanently, giving a natural look and if maintained properly, will last indefinitely. Till now, the only drawback of dental implants was the many months it took to finish the entire procedure. Revolutionary Smile in a day technology puts an end to such situations. Also known as ‘Same Day Dental Implants’, it is exactly what it says - implants which will attach, in place of missing teeth, in just a single dental clinic visit.

Regain your smile and confidence with Smile in a day

If you are dealing with missing or damaged teeth or ill-fitting dentures it can have a devastating effect on your life. Simple tasks like kissing the grandkids, chatting with people and smiling in public are accompanied by embarrassment.

Thanks to Smile in a day in Turkey you can regain a world of confidence in a single appointment. You can smile again in public and enjoy whatever you want without any sort of discomfort, ever! Have a free online consultation today!

Smile in a day- How it works?

Conventional implant treatment involves attaching a ‘root’ to the jawbone. Next you will need to wait for a few months allowing the ‘root’ to fuse with the jawbone permanently, prior to putting the artificial teeth in place. As the name suggests, Smile in a day inserts the teeth at the same time. The ‘root’ will attach to the jawbone, ensuring simplicity and speed. The treatment involves the following steps:

  • Planning- Prior to treatment, the dentist will use cutting-edge imaging technology to get a detailed jaw image of the patients using it for planning the entire implant treatment procedure. Your dentist will share the treatment procedure details with you.
  • Treatment- On treatment day, the dentist will insert 4-8 implants either in the lower or upper jawbone. After a few hours, the custom-made artificial teeth will be attached to the ‘roots’, using abutments. The result will be a permanent dental transformation that will never cause irritation, become loose or slip, unlike traditional dentures.

Advantages of Smile in a day


Once the initial consultation is over, the entire treatment procedure will take just a single appointment, reducing the time spent in clinic.


Once the implants are inserted, if cared for properly, they will last a lifetime.


Implantation is performed without the traditional healing period of a few months meaning it will have less impact on your lifestyle. Just a few hours for a major smile transformation.


We will fit the custom-made dental bridges for the even, white and straight smile you’ve always wanted.


As the process is less invasive over conventional implant treatment, it causes less pain.

Local anaesthesia

Dentists perform this treatment under local anaesthesia.

Smile In a Day - Treatment plan

Planning and preparation

On visiting our clinic, your perfect smile dentist will evaluate and consider multiple factors to ensure that you are suitable for smile in a day. We have our own state-of-the-art scanning machine to obtain the most accurate 3D image of your jaw to ensure an effective and safe long-term outcomes.

Same day teeth and surgery

Our clinicians will clear out any infections and extract any loose teeth. Then they will insert 4 implants to support a full arch of aesthetic and composite veneer teeth made by our on-site ceramists. To set both the bottom and top arch of teeth, the process can take 2-4 hours for each. You can undergo the treatment under full sedation or local anaesthesia and wake up with a beautiful smile.

Healing phase

The next eight weeks is your time to test the new smile. It means if you need any changes in the position, texture and colour you can do it at this point. During this time, the implants will fuse to the bone completely, in preparation for the final smile.

Final bridge

The final bridge will be ready within 3 months of the initial treatment. The final smile will be made up of a computer-made titanium skeleton or carbon fibre with a choice of acrylic or composite zirconia teeth.

Cost benefit in Istanbul, Turkey

The key benefit of selecting our dental clinic is to get same day dental implants in Turkey at an 80% lower cost than you would pay in the UK, without compromising the quality of the treatment or product used. Our team uses FDA approved products from reputable brands that are approved and accepted throughout the globe.

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