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Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Turkey

At Smile Works Turkey, we offer root canal treatment to correct complex dental concerns at competitive rates.

A root canal which is also referred to as endodontic therapy, is a procedure that treats internal tooth infection. Mouth bacteria which is responsible for cavities, is also the cause of tooth infection. Root canal typically comes to the rescue when there is a case of tooth decay. However, other dental concerns like a tooth injury or damaged filling can bring about the need for a root canal.

When a root canal is infected, it causes severe pain, and patients do go through a heightened tooth sensitivity even when foods or drinks are not consumed. Worse still, an abscess can develop from the infection, causing swelling on the face. Getting treated by an expert endodontist early enough is recommended. Because we know the level of pain and how relieved patients can be when they receive root canal treatment, our clinic offers emergency root canal treatment Turkey. What this implies is that should you be in need of quick relief from the pain, don't hesitate to come in for a consultation at Smile Works Turkey.

The perks of having a root canal

  • The procedure can alleviate even the very complex oral problem that brings a lot of pain
  • Early root canal treatment can take care of the infection
  • A dental abscess will only be limited to form on the tip of the tooth where you have issues.
  • Patients don't experience any tooth sensitivity after treatment. Complete recovery of the infected tooth will take several days
  • The tooth is preserved following a root canal, and the bite becomes normal
  • The teeth surrounding the treated one are completely safe after a root canal
  • There is no need for dental restorations, which may be expensive as the natural tooth is preserved. Again, self-consciousness is eliminated as patients still have their teeth back

How is a root canal done?

Not every patient is quite settled when it comes to getting a root canal treatment. However, if a specialist armed with a careful and meticulous technique offers the treatment, the pain should be minimal. For the majority of cases, the feeling of discomfort should be nothing more than what is experienced when a filling is performed.

First, the dentist administers a local anaesthetic to give the area surrounding the infected tooth zero sensitivity to pain. As at when the anaesthetic kicks in, the team will use a dental drill to remove all parts of the infected tooth. The dentist will touch all important parts of the tooth, including the enamel, bone, pulp and root canal, while removing affected tooth areas. The root canal consists of blood vessels and nerve tissue and is situated right in the middle of the tooth.

After getting rid of all the midsection of the tooth, the hollow is covered up with a fine formula. At last, following the extent to which the exterior tooth layer was taken out, restorations like onlays or crowns will be used to cement the tooth and remake the surface for chewing.

Most of the time, an initial temporary restoration (onlays or crown) is given to patients at first to be replaced with the real permanent treatment after a number of weeks.

Taking care of the teeth after root canal

It is advised that patients avoid eating any food that is tough or sticky after getting a root canal, particularly at the time when they are using the temporary restoration. The couple of days that follow the treatment may see you experience high sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Over time, the sensitivity will drop.

Just so the bacteria that causes the infection doesn't have a chance to develop again, patients should up their dental hygiene practices. This is important for both the treated tooth and the remaining teeth. Brushing and flossing the other teeth is possible. However, if you cannot floss easily after the procedure, speak with your dentist.

Bear in mind that following a root canal, the tooth that has been treated will be numb. But if cared for properly, it can still be in the best health state together with the remaining teeth for a long time with zero problems.

How much is a private root canal treatment


Type of teeth

Starting price

Root canal Incisor £70 - £90
Root canal Premolar £70 - £90
Root canal Molar £70 - £90

Smile Works Turkey root canal treatment

Should you be having root canal infection symptoms and need to be treated, or what you need is a professional dental service in London, your go-to is Smile Works Turkey. Our clinic is the perfect description of a home for patients as it is serene, our staff are smart, friendly and helpful, and our dentists are A-Grade with excellent bedside manners.

We are open throughout the week for appointment booking and offer useful advice on the various dental issues patients face from time to time. If it happens that you need more clarification, do reach out to us now by calling 020 7183 8026.

FAQs on root canal

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