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New Teeth
New Teeth

New Teeth in Turkey

New teeth is an excellent choice because you can enjoy a medical vacation and at the same time get a perfect set of teeth at an affordable price. Your teeth are an important aspect of your appearance and have a vital function in keeping you healthy. Teeth help break down what you eat to enhance the nutrients you get from food. Your teeth are necessary for speech and jaw health.

If you’ve lost some or all your teeth, you can visit Smile Works Turkey for treatment for new teeth.

Treatment planning for new teeth

Most people prefer dental implants to replace teeth because of their function and aesthetic result. Implants can replace missing teeth without damaging existing teeth and are a permanent tooth replacement solution.

After your dental exam and a thorough assessment, your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for new teeth in Turkey. The assessment will include checking the suitability of your jaw structure and assessment of any other conditions.

Treatments involved in getting New Teeth:

Dental Implants in Turkey

A dental implant is screw-like device which serves as the root of an artificial tooth. Each of your teeth consists of a crown of enamel with an interior and root which keeps it firm as it is embedded in the jawbone. A dental implant is a similar structure that functions like a natural tooth.

Offering a permanent solution to missing teeth, cleaning and replacement is not necessary. After insertion your implant will become a part of your mouth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants are useful for treating the whole mouth with bridges and implants.

This smile restoration procedure delivers a permanent solution to multiple tooth loss enabling you to achieve a young, healthy and dynamic smile. The implants fuse to the jawbone just like the root of natural teeth, preventing further bone loss. It is the best alternative to restoring your mouth’s comfort; health and the function of the teeth.

At our dental office situated in Istanbul, Turkey, we offer dental tour packages to our international patients. We utilise the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge treatments for our full dental implant surgery. We do our best to provide a smile which is pearly white, natural-looking, stable and aesthetic.

Book a free online consultation to get high-quality implant treatments from us which will be with you for a lifetime and are compatible with your natural tooth structure and jaw.

Dental veneers

Without causing any interference to your dental health, veneers are a cosmetic solution that can correct multiple dental problems. Due to the use of ultra-fine material, dental veneers are highly durable and sturdy. Other materials can also be used to make veneers.

If you are self-conscious with the appearance of your teeth, correct it today at our state-of-the-art Smile Works Turkey clinic.

Smile makeover

Everyone has different expectations and smiles differ from person-to-person. A smile makeover has the flexibility to use various cosmetic and restorative treatments. Being a popular dental clinic in Turkey, we can provide our patients with a whiter, brighter and more beautiful smile that is completely natural.

At Smile Works Turkey, we know the significance of a beautiful smile and how it can open doors and offer opportunities to you, not to mention that a perfect smile improves self-confidence. We go beyond expectations with our smile makeover in Turkey which might just change your lives!

Dental crowns

Dentists recommend crowns for covering worn down, broken and damaged teeth. In many cases where the teeth are an abnormal shape or where there are worn out crowns we can give you a perfect smile makeover. By using crowns a dentist can reshape the teeth making the necessary adjustments which go beyond Laminate Veneers. Dental crowns can sculpt the look of the existing teeth, closing gaps and offering a new smile makeover.

Compared to other dental works like Lumineers, dental crowns have longer longevity. These are aesthetically fabricated to reflect light similar to natural teeth, mimicking the colour, size and shape of the adjacent teeth. It protects the teeth beneath, preserving the natural gums for a long span of time.

Teeth whitening

This treatment is perfect for those people who are self conscious about the shade and colour of their teeth and who are dreaming of a pearly white smile!

Teeth whitening treatments lighten the colour of the teeth which have become discoloured for various reasons. This procedure can be performed with various techniques like combined whitening, single whitening, office type and home type whitening.

Why get new teeth?

When this procedure is done properly, you will avoid certain dental issues like loss of jawbone, protruding teeth, cracks, teeth irregularities, gaps, and discolouration. The new tooth procedure is a specialised treatment that requires the expertise of an experienced dental team.

With your new teeth, you can smile often and be confident about your appearance. New Teeth in Turkey will also guarantee you improved dental health.

Go on a dental holiday with us

Save up to 80% on special dental travel packages compared to the cost of treatment alone in the UK - we are just a phone call away.

For the treatment you require, you can rest assured that our dental professionals at Smile Works Turkey have experience and expertise to provide the smile that you have always dreamed of!

Also, our patients have a golden opportunity to explore the rich Ottoman culture, exploring the beautiful villages, enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun and enjoying the local Turkish cuisine.

If you have dreamed of having dental work for a long time and cannot afford it in the UK then start your journey to a new smile with us. Get in touch with us to ask any question on the procedures mentioned above or any other questions you might have.

New teeth in Turkey FAQs

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