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Dental Lumineers Turkey

If you need a bright and attractive smile and want a dental restoration to help you achieve it, Lumineers is a cosmetic dental restoration to consider.

Lumineers are wafer-thin porcelain veneers, similar to contact lenses, but they are placed on the existing teeth structure. Fitting Lumineers does not require reducing much of the existing teeth structure like the traditional veneers.

Lumineers are about 0.2mm thin and translucent, appearing like your natural tooth enamel. These ultra-thin veneers are pain-free and offer a long-term cosmetic fix for chipped, crooked, and stained teeth.

Most patients prefer Lumineers to the traditional veneers, which are usually thicker and need extensive and irreversible damage to the existing teeth. Preparing the teeth for fitting traditional veneers requires anaesthesia to reduce pain. You also have to use temporary veneers for about two weeks during the traditional veneer procedure.

Lumineeers do not need anaesthesia or temporary restoration. Lumineer fitting requires special training and not all dentists offering the traditional veneers offer this innovative option for restoring your smile.

Who can get Lumineers 

You can use dental Lumineers to fix several dental issues and improve your teeth’ appearance. Lumineers are the perfect cosmetic dental restoration for chipped, discoloured, and moderately crooked teeth.  

Restore chipped teeth

Lumineers is a painless and aesthetically pleasing option to fix visible chipped teeth.

Removes gaps between the teeth

If you have gaps between your front teeth or other spacing issues, you can opt for Lumineers to correct them. This fast, non-invasive procedure will close the gaps between your teeth. In two short dental visits, the dentist will remove the gaps between your teeth but ensure your original teeth structure is intact.

Brighten discoloured or stained teeth

Teeth discolouration and staining are common dental issues. Teeth whitening can fix this issue but may not remove all stains, and the result doesn’t usually last long. However, Lumineers offers a long-lasting solution for teeth staining and discolouration. Regardless of the cause of your teeth discolouration, including stubborn stains from medication, food, or beverages.

Realign crooked teeth

Lumineers are a faster and less painful alternative to braces for aligning the teeth to give you a beautiful smile. Adults can wear braces to straighten their teeth, but many adults do not want to go through the stress, pain, and embarrassment of wearing them. With Limuneers, you can correct your smile in two dental visits.

Reshape misshapen or small teeth

Misshapen teeth can significantly affect your appearance. If you do not want the traditional veneers because you’re trying to avoid filing down your existing teeth, you can choose Lumineers.

The dentist will place the thin-shelled Lumineer on your teeth. There is no need to remove the sensitive tooth structure in most cases.

Renew old dental work

Irrespective of your age, having old bridgework and crowns will add several years to your face, making you look older than your age. You can place Lumineers on bridgework or an old crown to enhance your smile.

Create a beautiful smile

You may want to improve your smile, so nothing prevents you from always smiling. The perfect solution is getting Lumineers which take only two visits and doesn’t cause pain.

Lumineers procedure

Getting Lumineers requires two visits.

Visit 1

After you consult with the dentist, they will take your lower and upper teeth impression, then determine your teeth shade to choose the right Lumineer for you. The dentist will send the mould to the Lumineer laboratory, including your records and photos, to provide the best fit for you. Getting Lumineers doesn’t require wearing temporary veneers.

Visit 2

On your second visit, after a few weeks, the dentist will place the Lumineer on your affected teeth. The dentist will first try on the Lumineers to ensure they fit, then etch the tooth surface and place the veneer on your teeth without drilling or administering anaesthesia.

After placing the veneer, the dentist will check your bite to ensure it is balanced to prevent chipping the Lumineeers during your daily activities.

You can get your dental Lumineers Turkey at Smile Works Turkey. Visit our clinic today or call 020 7183 8026 to book an appointment for a consultation with our Lumineer Dentist.

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