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Laser Gum Contouring
Laser Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring Turkey

Laser gum contouring, also called gingivectomy, is a relatively new cosmetic dental procedure for reshaping the gums to make your smile attractive. This procedure is perfect for people with a gummy smile who want less gum exposure when smiling. The procedure is painless and straightforward, with a short healing period.

Benefits of using soft tissue lasers for gum contouring

Soft tissue lasers have several benefits to dental treatments, especially gum contouring. Using soft tissue lasers makes gum contouring Turkey or reshaping painless. Less pain during treatment also translates to faster healing and a shorter recovery period.

Benefits of gum contouring with a laser

This procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for reducing the gum covering the teeth.

Its benefits include the following.

  • If your teeth aren’t fully expressed due to overgrown gum, gum contouring with a laser is the perfect treatment for you. This treatment will cut back your gum, making more teeth visible to give you a more aesthetically-pleasing smile.
  • Gum contouring with a laser can reduce your gum level to treat a gummy smile
  • This treatment doesn’t require incision or sutures, making it less painful
  • If gum overgrowth between the teeth is a side effect of certain medications, undergoing gum contouring with a laser will remodel your gum

Does gum contouring with a laser cause pain?

Most gum contouring with a laser is painless. The dental professional will numb the treatment area with local anaesthesia before using the laser to remodel the gum, so patients feel no pain.

After gum contouring with a laser, the recovery process is fast and doesn’t cause bleeding. With the proper preventive measures, your gum will heal within a couple of days.

Am I a suitable candidate for laser gum contouring?

People with overgrown gums achieve a better result after laser gum contouring, but some patients without overgrown gums may undergo the procedure to show less gum and more teeth. Gum contouring with a laser may be effective in the latter case but often depends on the depth of the patient’s periodontal pockets.

The periodontal pocket is the space between the gum tip and the teeth area. The dentist can reduce the gum between 0.5 – 2mm in most cases.

Another determining factor for the amount of gums the dentist can remove is the bio-type of the gums. Those who want to enhance their gummy smiles can use laser gum contouring, but it may have a limited result. Gum reductions that make a difference are between 1 – 2mm.

Distinguishing features of laser gum contouring

Some features of gum contouring with a laser that set it apart from other gum contouring treatments include:

  • No sutures
  • No bleeding
  • Quick healing in 7 – 10 days
  • No discomfort or pain during recovery
  • Instant result
  • More affordable than other treatment options such as crown lengthening

Disadvantages of gum contouring with a laser

The following are a few disadvantages of laser gum contouring.

  • The gum may regrow in the future since the underlying bone level determines the gum level. Since gum contouring with a laser does not affect the bone level, your gum can regrow, but you can repeat the treatment
  • Excess gum removal will cause the tooth root to have a different colour from the crown area

Alternative to laser gum contouring

Crown lengthening is a common alternative to gum contouring with a laser. Without gum disease, the gum’s position is determined by the underlying bone’s level. To reduce gum level and show more teeth with crown lengthening, the dental professional will surgically modify (reshape and reduce) the level of bone underneath the gum, then reposition the gum and place sutures on the incisions.  

Crown lengthening gives a permanent result, unlike laser gum contouring, because the procedure alters the underlying bone.

Disadvantages of crown lengthening

  • More invasive surgical procedure
  • Longer recovery period
  • More expensive than gum contouring with laser
  • Further treatment, such as veneers, may be necessary after the gums heal
  • Requires removal of sutures after the procedure
  • More discomfort after the procedure

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