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Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns

Dental crowns in Turkey

A dental crown also called a dental cap, is a dental restoration that fits over an existing tooth, giving it an improved natural appearance. Dental crowns are an option for restoring weak, decayed, or broken teeth. Most crowns have porcelain, gold, or a combination of both materials.

When is a dental crown necessary?

You can get dental crowns for the following.

  • Severe tooth loss
  • To replace an existing crown
  • Teeth with extensive root canal work
  • To restore broken teeth and prevent further damage
  • To fix unpleasant-looking teeth
  • Teeth that had restoration

Children can also get dental crowns in the following situations.

  • To reduce the frequency of administering anaesthesia
  • To protect a tooth at a high risk of decay
  • To support filling
  • To save a decayed tooth

Dental crown procedure

Before getting a dental crown, the dentist will assess your teeth and take dental x-rays to determine the extent of damage and if crowns are the right treatment. You will also have digital scans of the tooth to be sent to the dental lab. The dentist will fit a temporary crown over the damaged tooth.

At Smile Works Turkey, we use the iTero digital scanning system. The handheld device gives a 3D image of the teeth, unlike the traditional rubber mould. With the iTero scanner, we can send the digital image of your teeth via an electronic channel to the lab, which speeds up the manufacturing processes of the dental crown.  

The iTero digital scanner overcomes the issue of taking traditional moulds and impressions to make dental crowns. When the permanent crowns are available, you will have an appointment for the fitting.

Types of dental crowns

The following dental crowns are available at Smile Works Turkey.

All-ceramic crown

All-ceramic crowns are transparent, with no grey metal areas. You can use them on your front teeth as they do not show a grey margin over time.

Metal ceramic crown

The metal crowns are usually fitted on the back teeth. They have a metal core and porcelain material, but the thin porcelain layer breaks easily.

All zirconium crown

The all zirconium crown is suitable for the back teeth. They don’t contain porcelain, and the risk of breakage is less. Fitting all zirconium crowns does not require much drilling as the gold crown.

Gold crown

They are the strongest crown and best suited for the back teeth.

You can get dental crowns Turkey to fix your damaged teeth at Smile Works Turkey. Visit our clinic today or call 020 7183 8026 to schedule an appointment for your dental crown procedure.

Dental crowns FAQs

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