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Travel to Turkey for Dental Implants
Aug 02,2022

Save Money when You Travel to Turkey for Dental Implants

Turkey is a popular destination for performing dental implant treatment. You need to consider several points when planning your dental holiday for implants in Turkey. Some of these include – treatment duration, flight tickets, airport, hotel, clinic transfers, accommodation and more. Go through this blogpost to know if you can lessen the treatment costs by performing implants in Turkey as the costs of hotel and flight tickets are included in the plan.

Reasons dental implants are more affordable in Turkey

Dental implant treatment in Turkey is much more affordable than the UK. There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, dental implants are very popular in Turkey and rather than choosing temporary dentures for your missing teeth, most people choose implant supported fixed prosthetics that can last for many years. Due to this, dentists purchase implants in bulk and so, the cost in Turkey will be cheaper than other countries.

Another reason is dentists salaries cost and the dental insurance in Turkey is inexpensive than the UK and Europe. You can see these low costs on the fees for dental implants in Turkey.

Travel expenses for implants in Turkey

The procedure for dental implant usually needs two visits to Turkey. When you book in advance, the flight tickets to Turkey are inexpensive and within £230 for the return flights. There is also the facility of 5 star accommodation and car transfers at no additional cost. So, the prices for two return flights are £230 to £330 and the total cost is around £500 to £650. There are no other expenses to consider than your flight tickets. At Smile Works Turkey, our treatment plan includes accommodation costs, hotel costs and travel expenses. So, you need not have to pay anything from your own pocket.

Experience of dentist and price efficiency in Turkey

The dentists in Turkey are experienced in dental implants treatment. They perform implant surgeries with high success rate. Also, the implant manufacturers in Turkey are in huge competition and they take dentists to live surgery presentations, courses and symposiums for free often for using their brand. Due to this, the dentists in Turkey have several years of experience in the field of dental implant. The dentists in Turkey have attained more than 96% success rate on implant procedures in the 5 year follow up. By taking into consider the experience level of dental surgeon and quality of work, the cost for one implant can be priced at £464 can save you a small fortune.

The treatment plan for full mouth dental implant is priced at minimum £30,000.00 in the UK But the price for full mouth dental implant in Turkey is £12500 including travelling and accommodation costs. You can get upto 80% off on the treatment plan when compared to the UK.

Which implant brands are found in dental clinics in Turkey?

As dental implants are commonly used in Turkey, the reputed brands from German companies have targeted Turkey as the ultimate destination for selling their products. Most dental implant brands have originated from Germany and used in dental clinics in Turkey. If you conducted your research work and are searching for a specific brand, then you may ask your dentist before going to the clinic for the availability of implant brand.

Patients are recommended to conduct detailed research on the experience of dentist and the clinic they are travelling. Ask the dentist about dental implants cost in Turkey before you decide to undergo the procedure. You can also ask for detailed information about the treatment and availability of aftercare.