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Sep 08,2022

5 Smile Makeover Options for Your Perfect Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is the latest trend now and the beautiful smile on celebrities faces have become a criterion for people from different segments of life. All these are related to attractiveness, confidence, personality and friendliness, for sure. When it is about creating your perfect Hollywood Smile, most procedures have significant benefits for your dental health that will last for many years. But all products or treatments in the market are not good and your dentist can help in choosing the right one for your need.

You might suffer from serious major dental concerns and all on four implants can be your ultimate treatment. You may even require something less invasive so that you can perform smile makeover which includes cosmetic interventions like teeth whitening. For patients who have missing tooth, the dentist can suggest to undergo dental implants procedure. Full mouth restoration, dental crowns, veneers, bridges, gum recontouring or root canals are some other dental treatments you may have to perform based on your oral complications.

Hollywood smile consists of a long list of cosmetic dentistry options though it doesn’t have to be budget-friendly. Turkey is among the top choices when it is about undergoing partial or full dental treatments at affordable costs. Let’s have a look at how you can create your perfect Hollywood smile with these 5 options:

  1. Teeth whitening – Getting stains or discolourations is a concern and everyone wants to smile with confidence. For this, you need to brush two times a day, floss daily and go for routine checkups from the dentist. Still, you will find that many people suffer from unwanted stains on the teeth. Besides, the problem of discolouration can also occur from your food choices. In such cases, you should perform teeth whitening treatment to eliminate stain marks for your whiter and brighter teeth.

  2. Dental implants – If you are experiencing one or more missing teeth, then single or full mouth implants might help to fix this problem. Dental implant is actually titanium screw which gets placed directly within the jawbone for the replacement of missing tooth root. Once it is fitted, the bone surrounding the implant will fuse for holding the implant firmly in its place. The method involves replacing your missing tooth with an artificial tooth which appears just like natural one. With proper care and maintenance, the implant will last for a long time.

  3. Dental crowns – Are you unhappy with yellow stains and uneven look of your teeth? Well, dental crowns are a good solution for the damaged teeth and various oral problems. They can help to repair cracked or broken teeth and strengthen damaged teeth for long-lasting results. Based on your dental condition, the dentist chooses from dental crown options made of different materials. Zirconium crowns, metal porcelain crowns and E.max dental crowns all have strengths and benefits.

  4. Laminate veneers – Laminate veneers belong to the category of crown but they should not be confused about what they serve and how they are implemented. You may consider dental crowns as structural solutions that can solve overall problems of a tooth. However, a veneer is more like a cosmetic solution that can fix front part of your tooth. The kind of treatment to perform depends on the requirements of patients. These restorations can improve one tooth or several teeth and treat bulges and craters.

  5. E-max crowns – E-max crowns are a suitable treatment for fixing the problem of broken or damaged teeth. The method is focused on restoring front part of a tooth though this cosmetic intervention can save your teeth structure from further damage. They are natural-looking and long-lasting ceramic crowns which seem to be compatible with the remaining teeth.These crowns usually last for almost 15 years with proper care and attention you give to all your teeth. It is advisable to maintain good dental hygiene habits and go for regular your dentist.

Costs and benefits of Hollywood Smile

There is no limit to finding the right treatment for your dental concerns when it comes to having your Hollywood smile makeover. You need to check the detailed price list at the time of performing any treatment and solve your problem. Feel free to ask your dentist about the costs and benefits of Hollywood Smile.

The international patients visit Turkey to perform dental treatments at affordable price while they can discover the beauty of this place at the same time. The professional dentists have the most affordable dental solution packages which consist of a wide range of treatments from surgeries to fixing minor oral issues.

In case you have not made up your mind yet, speak with the dentist who cares for your oral health before performing any treatment for achieving your perfect Hollywood Smile. You can also ask about Hollywood smile travel package and find out whether this will fit within your estimated budget.