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Sep 08,2022

10 Great Tips to Find a Reputed Dental Centre in Turkey

Are you planning to visit Turkey during the vacation? Do you want to perform your dental treatment from there? If yes, then you will have to find a reputed dental centre in Turkey. Make sure you are aware about the treatments and services before visiting one for your need. Read on to know 10 tips when searching for a good dental centre in Turkey.

  1. Read reviews of dental centres in Turkey – All websites of dental centres have their own reviews and you require proper validation to know whether they are actual reviews of patients. Trustpilot is among the reputed review validation systems online and trusted by Google as a partner. You may even consider checking Google Business reviews of the clinic. But you should know that Google doesn't give any protection for fake reviews while Trustpilot is very strict about fake reviews.
  2. Check whether reviews are true or not – You will understand about reviews with contents like “very good“, “super”, “the best” in short sentences. True reviews give details about dentist name, date and time, treatment details, results and how patients feel after the procedure.
  • Video reviews – Video reviews may be the best proof for actual reviews and some dental centres like to try them. It is necessary to check YouTube channels of the dental centre.
  • Trustpilot – When you Google about the clinic you are interested, you should probably go through Trustpilot reviews If they do not have reviews, then try to look for other review sites in Google.
  • Google Business – Google Business reviews are a good clue to know about the reputation of the dental centre you have chosen. Click on “show all reviews” button to see all of them and Google translate them to your language automatically.
  1. See before after photos of dental centres in Turkey – You can search for good dental centres in Turkey by looking at before after photos. There will be a gallery of satisfied patients who have undergone the treatment successfully. Check video reviews though some clinics may have fake pictures of before and after. Also, go through Google images to know whether they use treatment images that work for other dental centres.
  2. Check the staffs of dental centres in Turkey – The problem with finding a good dentist online is that you do not have proper information. Some dental centre websites do not mention about their dentists. A reputed dental clinic should have a biography that displays the names of experienced dentists and their staff. Most dental clinics claim that they are well-known, but it is a bad indication when they do not provide any information about them.
  3. Check the details of dental clinic in Turkey – All dental centres in Turkey should provide adequate permission for medical tourism. Some websites do not give this information and they are a marketing agency only that sells leads to clinics. So, you should not risk your dental travel by choosing unknown dental centres.
  4. See prices and hidden costs of dental centres in Turkey – You need to check all the prices though you should know about inexpensive offers too. Some dental centres may offer better price, but you should ask about hidden costs such as X-ray, injections and temporary teeth. Ultimately, you will pay more than other clinics and asking about hidden costs will be the right choice before taking your decision.
  5. Know about warranty terms of dental centres in Turkey – Dentistry is another vital part of your health care routine. You should ask about warranty terms offered by the dental centre. Any dental clinic with medical tourism verification provides warranty terms for patients.
  6. See the location of dental centres in Turkey – Turkey is a big country and every part has beautiful holiday places. You should look for a clinic in Istanbul where there are direct flights available to these cities throughout the year. So, you could try during winter months and enjoy affordable pricing for your flights and accommodation to make dental travel to Turkey convenient.

·         Instagram – Nowadays every business has their Instagram account. This enables to check dates for "before & after" photos and all of their posts. Your dental centre in Turkey should have an Instagram account and people will like the photos if they are good to claim.

  1. Know about services offered during routine visits – The dental clinics in Turkey provide free check-ups for all patients and you may visit anytime for your check-ups. The dentist you see for regular checkups will be on the lookout for cavities, or any areas of your mouth that seem to be at risk. When you go to a good dental clinic, the dentist will detect minor problems such as part of the tooth that begins to develop a cavity.
  2. Look for polite and hospitable staff members – When you look for quality services at a good dental clinic, the dentist advises on how to behave to lessen the chances of getting yeast infection. This includes taking antibiotics with restraint. Though this kind of advice is given free of cost, treating diseases like candidiasis or soreness will cost you money.

You can avoid unwanted costs that come with paying no heed to vulnerability to oral diseases. The most suitable way to do this is by carrying out due diligence before finding a good clinic for your need. A reputed dental clinic takes care of all patients despite their age. The dentist and other staff members should be skilled and patient to handle kids as well as elderly with tenderness they really deserve.

Thus, you should search for a dental centre in Turkey that is well equipped, where there are skilled staffs and patients get the comfort like home.